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A Touch of Cloth


So I guess the best way to describe the show is that it's a british version of Police Squad/Naked Gun. It's basically pun after pun after pun after pun. Oh and it stars the awesomeness of John Hannah! Only 2 episodes out (and it looks like that will be it) so not much to catch up. I'm not sure if I'm just really tired after a shitty day at work, but I have laughed my freaking ass off watching this. If you're a fan of literal/pun jokes in Hot Shots, Police Squad and Naked Gun, you should definitely give A Touch of Cloth a chance!

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Yes, this was fun. I was a bit worried that it would be too modern, evil and over-the-line especially in the beginning but it was not, just some tiny bits was bad (some bad jokes) or too much (the morgue dead body id-part was too much, not funny) maybe but the most parts was real quality stuff and real jokes, with actual writing and real jokes realying on wits not just shock, "darkness" and filth or sex-stuff. Some jokes and gags even felt completely new and fresh, atleast too me. Love how they made fun of all procedurals and crime shows there is.

Also there will be another two parter, and that will be part of a trilogy. So all in all three two-parters maybe? This one and two more. There will be something more anyway. I read it somewhere today haha. Unfortunately it will take a while i guess.

Best joke was the flashback to the 90s i think smile