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Dafuq. >:|

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The hell?  First it's only renewed for half a season, then they move it to Fridays, now this?   mad


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Am I the only one who thinks this will turn into a just another relationship sitcom? Troy/Britta and Annie/Jeff will be the new focus for the series. I'm just so afraid that they will turn it into something else in the hopes of ratings boost. Also you can count on the fact that the odd pop culture references will be downplayed substantly. I would rather see it canceled than turned into something it's not. At least then there would be a slight chance a smaller network would buy the rights for it... I know I might be over reacting but the end of season 3 has been the best Community so far, just simply awesome.



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I blame Evil Abed!


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hmmmh... What happens now, I wonder.

Cancelled after next season, perhaps? Renewing half a season, firing the creator, it seems like the only logical next step



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who thought this was a good idea? how is this even a way to make money? first potentially destroying it and then showing it on the day that no-one watches tv! how will that give the show any new fans? how will the old fans react to this? nothing good can come of this.

lets just hope the series survive and gets back on the right track soon!

6 seasons and a movie
6 seasons and a movie
6 seasons and a movie     

it was always supposed to be 6 seasons a a movie!

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