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How is it that Nikita is at its best in the end of a season? smile Really liking this stuff.



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yeap, last episode was really good

"The speed of the Ninja, is the speed of the night."


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In my process of catching up on shows I been power through this season and it's weird how different it is from the start of the season. That said having just finished this episode I think it was it's best episode of the series so far. I would watch the show if it was just the four of them doing missions like Leverage. Their interaction this episode was the highlight and I think Alex and Berkoff are my two favorites.

Alex taking over Berkoffs role this episode was the highlight between her bragging and downing a energy drink and the whole tracking the vehicle by weight was funny as hell. I still got three episode left, but I hope they kept Alex like she was in this episode and that the Russian storyline is done. I liked everything about this episode and am hoping the next three episodes aren't a let down after this one.


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This was a show that got better as it went along. Given its low ratings, it didn't have much choice if it wanted to keep getting renewed.


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I finished season two last night and it just seems like the Alex character is nothing like the character from season one. The last half of the season was way better than the first season and a half combined