Topic: 2x02 Webrip

Just wanted to tell you guys there is a leak and episode 2 is out on the web.

Episode was amazing as always with Game of thrones


Re: 2x02 Webrip

idk man, i'd rather watch it till monday with good quality, plus if you watched this leak you're gonna have to wait two more weeks for another episode!


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good quality? This was 720, if that's not good enough then you're spoiled tongue

After seeing the first episode me and my bf was like "dude, I want to see the next one right NOW". Oh the joy when we found out that the next episode was leaked tongue I don't care if it means waiting longer for number three smile

As for the episode: it had a much better flow to it than the first episode.

Not just the Spanish maine my love. The entire ocean. The entire world!