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Inspector Spacetime Web Series of the Day: Inspector Spacetime, the parody of Doctor Who that originated on Community, has taken on a life of its own. Now the Inspector, the Constable and the evil Blorgons are getting their own web series, courtesy of Inspector Spacetime himself, Travis Richey.

At the Gallifrey One Doctor Who covention over the weekend, Richey announced that he’ll be producing and starring in six episodes, and he’s looking for funding for the series on Kickstarter.

Richey put on a reading of the first episode at the convention, featuring adventures on Second New Old Earth 7 and the Inspector’s arch-nemesis, Boyish the Extraordinary.

Unfortunately, the Community writers aren’t involved with the project.

“Dan Harmon, Community, NBC and Sony have nothing to do with this web series. I pitched it to them after my first episode of Community, but never heard back from them one way or another,” Richey told io9.

That doesn’t mean Danny Pudi and Donald Glover won’t have cameos, though. Those guys are everywhere.

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Six seasons and a movie! big_smile


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No Troy, no Abed and a guy with a weird facial distortion = not funny...

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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