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Dare I say it...

I think it's actually getting better... Sure it still has it flaws but I think this might have been the best episode this season so far.

I'll write a more detailed opinion once I get home from work.


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Good episode in general. Not anything special except for being a fill up, a bridge to what comes next so there's nothing incredible to say about it but a fine episode.

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Re: Season 2 Episode 9 - Triggerfinger

Can't say it was a good episode, but it wasn't any worse than the others either.

I don't see how it's getting better because nothing has changed in terms of what the group is about to do, nor have any characters advanced. Not sure how that injured kid could have an impact on the show. From what it looks like they're about to get rid of the boy in the next episode.

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I hope the injured kid will have a huge impact on the show. What I hope will happen is the following:

The kid gets healed and is sent on his way eventhough Shane and his followers reject the idea. The kid goes to his group of people and bring them back with him attacking the farm. They take over the farm and send the group on its way with Shane in the lead because the whole pack realizes that they need to be more vicious to be able to make it in the apocalyptic world.

Why I wish this would happen is that for some reason they have tried to label Shane as the bad guy, when in my eyes he's been pretty much the only one who has made some hard decisions to keep the group alive. He sacrificed Otis for the sake of Carl and the group. How is that seen as a bad thing to do given the circumstances? If he had not done it, Carl would be dead. Also he was right about Sofia all along whilst Rick and the other pussies were bent on looking for her. And in the latest episode OOO HE LIED TO LORI!!! ZOMG HOW BAD IS THAT?!?! If the season ending will be outcasting Shane because he's out of control and the hippie lets take care of each other and pray for good things to come - mentality prevails I would officially classify this show as a failure.

So I see a lot of promise and I've pretty much accepted that the show will not leave the farm during the second season, but the plot I described above could be a nice prelude to the next destination...

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I can actually tell you Shane's fate, if you want. The internet already confirmed it.

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No thanks, I would rather have it as a surprise. I think this show would be even more pain to watch if I knew what was gonna happen. Now I can atleast imagine it getting better.  smile

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was good, im thinking they are about to release the kid and shane kill's him well thats what im hoping for

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