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Hey, who has seen these Vengeance Chronicles? I hardly even know what it is..

Anyone know if I can find them online?


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What would that be?

Never heard about it



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vengence chronicles?! is tht like a small storyline away from the regular episodes to smallville or something...? sounds interesting tho

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Yeah they're kinda like those webisodes that they do for things like Lost and 24 and stuff, basically very short stories that tie somehow into the main tv show universe somehow. These started out as extras on dvd season sets of Smallville, called The Chloe Chronicles, because they featured, guess who? That's right kids, Chloe, and the concept was that they took one episode from the season and slightly expanded some aspect of the show.

From the best of my knowledge, Chloe Chronicles vol.1 was spun out of the first season episode Jitters and consisted of an intro and 4 further short installments. I think it was originally released on the second season boxed set. Chloe Chronicles vol.2  consisted of three installments and furthered the Jitters investigation. Both Pete and Lionel Luthor also featured in this second set. This was included on the season three dvd set. Both of these 'seasons' were also initially released through AOL Online, but I believe the WB's official site later made them available for download as well (and they might still be there, I dunno).

Then came Chloe Chronicles vol.3, which was renamed The Vengeance Chronicles and centered around the fifth season episode Vengeance, and as well as Chloe they also feature Andrea Rojas (aka The Angel Of Vengeance). There were, I think, seven episodes of this one, and again it was included in a boxed set, this time for season 5. However unlike the other two 'seasons' this one was made available for all to watch/download online through the WB's site exclusively, and I believe you can still find them there: http://thewb.com/acuvue1

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, sir. You were most helpful.