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hmm so what happens now?



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very good question...

I'm still kinda stunned even after almost 24h have passed since I watched the Episode...

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Wow, another great episode.

As for the ideas for the finale... my (wild) guess is that


Walker will successfully carry out his main objective. I don't count on Brody in the finale, but I wouldn't be surprised if his daughter would finally discover what the "present" was and had to die. wink And I'm rooting for Estes to be the mole. wink Aside from how he's been portryaed in the series so far, it would be the most logical move, because it would give Carrie a way to return to CIA... and I somehow don't see her acting rogue throughout the entire season 2.

PS. This isn't a good series to watch with week breaks between episodes (same reason I always wait for Fringe to complete its season wink). I feel like if I'd rewatch everything again I'd remember and understand much more... too bad I don't have the time for that.