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Topic: 4x07 - Cops & Robbers

Nice ending with castle summing up, we wont be forgetting that soon tongue

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holy crap. that was probably the best Castle episode. suspence in every minute. awesome.

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it was very good, Way to go Martha spoiling the moment tongue

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i wish he would just hit that already =p


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I thought they were going to kiss, but then Martha spoiled it  smile
Good episode.

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Good episode, but not great. The hostage part seemed to take too long and you'd think that Castle wouldn't be so cocky if he knew that not only his life was at stake but also him moms.



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To me that's just who Castle is, he use's his humor in almost every situation.


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Yeah gotta agree with xrn. And also they have their lil group session in the bank if i were one of the robbers i wouldve cold-cocked any whisper i heard but ah well

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Well if they hit someone for talking it would be less believable for them to let the guy with the seizure go seeing how that was the main plan. The main thing was selling the guy as a hostage and letting him go


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Agreed, this was one of Castle's best episodes yet.

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I loved this episode, as i love the series. I wanna thank whoever(someone on this site)  it was that put me on to Castle, feelgood entertainment, not trying hard to be any more than it is. Love it! I'm behind schedule, but im kinda new to the show.