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Best halloween special they've done yet. I was L-ingOL through the whole thing.  big_smile

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I liked the shout out to last Halloween's episode...

I do hope with Community that they don't keep writing the characters so much as caricatures of themselves...I mean, there will always be that element...but there's great potential beyond that too. I mean, Troy, although he's the source of some of the best punchlines, has been totally one dimensional lately. Last Halloween he had a conflict over being cool as part of the costume with Abed...
...Shirley had the whole thing about being a mom/wife...Pierce wanted approval/acceptance though he did everything to ensure that would never happen...

...I'd like to see some of that sort of stuff back on the show, if only to make the characters dynamic...I men, without those qualities, they're entirely predictable...Abed is technical, Troy is naive, Pierce is racist and old, Jeff is arrogant, Shirley is a walking Christian cliche, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the episode was very entertaining...I just don't want it to turn into a cartoon...that balance between being the token old guy and being a real person...the arrogant guy and a real person...the organized cute girl and a real person...the uber-nerd who's also a real person...the do-gooder who is also a real person...that balance keeps it fresh...

What's been cool about Community is how they've portrayed the characters as cliches, only to reveal them as authentic people with heart....or, that they convey them as authentic people only to show that they're really just walking cliches...both these things are awesome aspects of the show, and I want more of it.



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Halloween episodes...

"Avenge Me."
"Judgment Day is inevitable."
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Robcore wrote:

I just don't want it to turn into a cartoon

after watching this episode i already thought that comunity already feels like a cartoonshow only with real people



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GodZionu wrote:

Halloween episodes...

I'm fine with this.



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I didn't care for this episode first one this season that I felt that way.


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IMO nothing could beat last year's episode, but it was still excellent. My favorite scary story was Annie's. big_smile


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Call me Magnum big_smile
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It was awesome! I love Abed! big_smile


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Just found this today from this ep :
Look behind Annie at the 12 second mark.

3 seasons for 1 background joke you'll almost certainly miss unless pointed to it. This is why Community is awesome.



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This comment made me laugh from the video

That's like retarded levels of genius.
Peemeaux 1 day ago

This is not you normal sitcom...which is why it's awesome...to bad it's on NBC though.


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Rwings wrote:

.to bad it's on NBC though.

No. If it wasn't on NBC, it would've end on its first season.



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Community is the last show I watch on the Network, and with it's ratings it would be pulled in it's first season but if it was on another Network it probably wouldn't have such crappy rating to begin with. It goes against the number 1 comedy on TV and NBC has yet to move it to see if the rating improved so the failure is on NBC not the show.