Topic: Picked it back up

I decided since its going to end id pick it back up and decided to pick up from where i left off
Season 6 wasnt bad do think watching a few eps at a time helped.  Onto season 7 now and there are funny moments.

Anyone is watching how has season 8 faired??


Re: Picked it back up

I have to admit, I love Desperate Housewives. It's just a show you can sit back and relax to and know it will always be entertaining. It's well produced. Season 8 for me has been the same as previous ones pretty good, not as good as some past seasons. Plenty of funny moments and some big moments too smile


Re: Picked it back up


I have seen all episodes of Desperate Housewives so far and even tho the show is mostly targeted for women, i really enjoy watching it.

Only other women show i watched this long was Gilmore Girls but that's it, i usually make big circles around those girly shows.