Topic: New Episode Numbering

Prepare for confusion!
If you thought the Atlantis schedule confusion re the episode "Sunday" was bad
then prepare for worse. The world premiere screenings of Stargate SG-1 from the UK have just been re-ordered - the new sequence is below.

Tuesday evenings at 8pm GMT
1012 - Line in the Sand (Jan 16th)
1013 - The Road Not Taken (Jan 23rd)
1014 - The Shroud (Jan 30th)
1015 - Bounty (Feb 6th)

SciFi and MGM have chosen not to confirm screening orders for Stargate episodes when the world premiere screening occurs in Canada or the UK - this has resulted in confusion over episode numbers and the correct episode order.
Gateworld has posted a news items noting the new episode order - but has not
altered it's episode numbering as yet.

The accepted sequence (Gateworld et al) has always been as follows:

1012 - Bounty
1012 - The Shroud
1013 - Line in the Sand
1014 - The Road Not Taken

UK SkyOne electronic schedule can be viewed at:
http://data.skyprogrammeinformation.co. … chan=SKD1#


Re: New Episode Numbering


well i'll just watch them as they come... can't go wrong then smile

We'll see how it goes if they continue with you know what between you know who wink (not to give any spoilers away smile)