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OMG DID NOT see that coming.  yikes

Im also kinda sad cos they ruined one of my favourite characters (Cas)

BTW doesnt it seem unlike sam to do what he did to Cas?



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Well don't forget that Sam now remembers everything that happened to him in the cage so I believe that experience can change a man.
Also, he remembers everything he did when he didn't have a soul...
About Cas , It's going to be very interesting to see how they'll continue that storyline.
I don't think (and hope) he won't be like that for the entire next season.



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Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed in the finale. It felt like a filler episode except for the last 5 minutes (which I admit was awesome) but the rest could have easily been just another run-of-the-mill mid-season episode.

As for Cas, I hope he DOES stay like that and gets even more power hungry! I hope they don't just clean it all up in the season premier.


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I agree it could suck if they try to solve it at the first episode next season but from what I gathered in the episode , the thing with those souls from purgatory is that they must return before the full moon ends or Cas will explode in a nasty way taking most of the U.S.

Well, we will see what happens next season big_smile
(and to think a lot of us were pissed the way they ended last season which was supposed to be the last one)



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I dont think he'll blow when the full moon ends i think its just the time period they have left to reopen the door. I think itll only blow if he loses control over it.

yeah and i agree somthing felt off for a finale, i wouldnt have known if they hadn't played the traditional finale opening (kansas Carry on my wayward son).



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Misha won't be a series reguar next season which blows so not sure what there doing with the Cas story


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Boring episode . Didn't worth the wait for the last 10 seconds , like in Castle.
And i don't like where this is going.




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I liked it, it wasn't as awesome as some of the other series finales but it was enjoyable. I think the thing to remember is that at least they seem to have a "larger over arcing story they are telling, not just lets finish this with a cliffhanger to shock the audience".

I'll definitely be watching next season, its still one of the top shows playing currently.


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Give it a 6 for a Season finale.

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