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End of an ERA !
My first tv shows is ending sad




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Good lord.. it lasted 10 seasons?



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Yeah, I can't wait for it to be over...one of those shows that I invested enough time in that I'll see it through to the end...but it won't be missed...



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I never touched this with a 10ft pole tongue



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Spyder23 wrote:

End of an ERA !
My first tv shows is ending sad

You never forget your first.  wink


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Started watching at the start of season 4 after ABC Family aired a Smallville Marathon 6years ago. The show has never been the best show on tv, but these last two season have been good so I will be sad it's ending in that regard since it seems like it finally stopped having really awful episodes.


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It was a good show.... once... to bad that the last few seasons has been a bit painful...


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yeah but this last season wasn't that bad, it's actually reminded me some of the good seasons of the show


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I see it really as the opposite I thought the worst parts of the show were seasons 4-8 there was some good episodes but overall I thought it was kind of bad and seasons 9-10 have redeemed the show.


Just watched the finale thought it was alright I guess, wish there was more to the fight in general. I get the show is Smallville Clark becoming Superman which is what happened I just don't personally like Superman the hero bugs me so I was less looking forward to the part of the show and the fight which I wish would have been the Just League vs Darkseid...again I know not what this show was about, but still it should have been.


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Thanks for the last minute... I've been waiting for that for 10 years wink


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Mxyzptlk wrote:

Thanks for the last minute... I've been waiting for that for 10 years wink


plot wise it wasn't the best finale but seeing him turn into Superman was awesome!
And reuniting the cast was also great, few people were missing but the ones that did show made it all worth it.
I really will miss this show.
It's been around for 10 years and it was the first show I got addicted to....
For me , it's the end of an era



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Atlast the famous shirt rip!

Love how they pulled out the official superman soundtrack, gave me a Big smile big_smile

p.s was i the only1 who expected a big fight for the last episode? The whole darkside vs superman was a lil bit of a let down.



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Mxyzptlk wrote:

Thanks for the last minute... I've been waiting for that for 10 years wink

So I thought I'd add my $0.02 even though I am not a fan of being negative just for the sake of negativity. I watched Smallville pretty regularly until about season 6 when it got very bad. I haven't seen anything since the middle of season 6, but wanted to see the last minutes of the show so I suffered through the two-part finale.

The episodes were pretty bad - full of pathos and empty phrases and surprisingly low on action. There's a planet hurling toward Earth and Clark basically just runs from place to place, talks to a few people, then has an epiphany and magically saves the day.

But what bugged me the most was how far Smallville was pushing the whole "origin" story. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (the two original showrunners who left at the end of season 8, I think) had a rule: "no tights, no flight." Clearly CW had different plans, because they got booted off and then the past two years, from what I've gathered in the finale were all about Clark and Lois getting closer and him becoming Superman. And that is definitely going too far.

I was hoping, way back when I was watching Smallville, that Gough and Millar would break their rule at the very end and give us maybe just a silhouette shot of Superman in his costume at the top of the Daily Planet while John Williams' famous score would be played, fade to black, ideal ending.

Smallville should have ended with Clark coming to Metropolis, meeting Lois Lane, and deciding to become Superman and getting the costume. In the version the writers did right now too many people knew about his secret identity so getting the costume was really just for our benefit - not to mention how they screwed with comics continuity by having the costume be Kryptonian and not made by Martha. (Why would Jor-El create a costume with an S on it? There's no S in Kal-El? It makes no sense.) Superman's very public secret forced the writers to also do a lot of redacting, especially in the very forced way they wiped Lex's memory. And the whole wedding thing was too contrived and puts the ending of Smallville somewhere in the middle of Superman's story, not the beginning where it belongs.

Finally, as much as I appreciated the use of the original music - especially the build up while Clark talks to Lois about being late for their wedding got my blood pumping - it was the only good thing about that last minute. It reached the crescendo as Clark was opening the door and dropping his jacket in slow motion! That moment could have been handled much better - even just dropping the slow motion would have made a huge difference.

But I admit that Superman is a difficult hero to write for and I guess the Smallville writers did a decent enough job. But for future reference they should use less slow motion smile

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While they may have changed a few things in the series. Martha did make the suit in the series, it was a while ago. She gave it to Clark as a present, with a note for when he's ready. During this time he kept it at the fortress. There's been a few references to it in the last episodes.
But I do agree, the wedding was not really necessary in the finale, they should have put that some episodes earlier or just no wedding at all...
What bugged me the most was that there was a whole build up of how powerfull Darkseid was, over the last 10 episodes, and now he's defeated in like one flying punch. And the whole pushing a planet/island away has also been used...
And yeah, the way they handled how Lex gets amnesia was a bit lame, they should have just wiped his and everyones memory when the ? symbol disappeared from everyone...


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The finale did not live up to the hype but I for one will miss Smallville.

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Last season when Martha made a guest appearance at the end of the episode she left the suit as a gift for when he stopped hiding and showed himself to the world. Jor-el took the suit during one of the times Clark disobeyed him and put it in the Fotress until he deemed Clark ready for it...if I remember right.

The last few episode leading up to the finale was about changing how the world saw Clark Kent from being the Blur to mild manner, which was contrived when the switch happen all of a sudden but the whole idea is rather dumb if you ask me. It's suppose to be the way you present yourself can hide people from realizing your Superman by glass's and being a clutz...but then again I never liked Superman

To me the first 75% of the episode felt like it should have aired as it's own episodes leading up to the finale, and the last 25% should have went a lot longer. They set up Darksied way to much to be taken down by being flown threw and three arrows from one bow shot. I mean episode 1020 was about getting the only weapon powerful enough to destroy him only to have flight be more powerful then Orion's bow.

They had established such a great cast of heroes they should have used them for the last fight, take some loss's in the fight and having Clark except his role as Superman and rally the league into finally being able to beat Darkseid would have been a much better fight then pushing a giant planet away from earth...which doesn't exactly explain how the Omega symbol disappeared from everyone anyways.

Also a lot of the stuff with Lex made sense and was cool, but I still don't get the whole memory erase thing, because doesn't he know who Superman is anyways, and if he remembers nothing that happen in his life it really doesn't explain why he hates Clark...I don't know about that whole thing

The episode I guess makes sense when you don't think about it for more then a second, they hit all the iconic symbols of Superman in the last 30seconds so I guess that's enough. I personally can't stand Superman and hate the hero a lot so that ending didn't do anything for me, but I assume everyone who did watch Smallville actually likes Superman so maybe it was enough for them.


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First off I've finally registered after reading the forum and watching the homepage for several years, Great job everyone with good clear comments on, well pretty much every series I've watched uptill now..

On topic:
After I saw the final episode I was tremendously relieved, I've follow the whole series of Smallville from A-Z because I actually loved the whole selfish hero ideally.
I thought looking back to Smallville as an entire series this episode was beautiful. The main point what Separated Smallville from the real superman series is (to my opinion) the flying and the suit, to have them been brought together how they did was as I expected.. Though from the Superman fan point off view it was MUCH overdue.
However from Smallville point of view it was justified.

Clark could beat darkside because he finally embodied the light side itself thus rendering Orions bow mute, due to it being a weapon for light where as clark/superman embodied it. The Arrows just took care of the lackey's, Clark with (probably/fictional) imbued the powers of light as him self.

I am hoping for a new series with Tom Welling as Superman and 40% of the Smallville cast (Lois, Perry and Lex are to my opinion a must for the new series)  to pick up where Smallville left it. A new series which would follow as a "season 11".
Due to this series running for a decade it has defined the "Superman look" for the new fan generation.

I for one am hopeful for a new series and hope the Superman legacy wont die out after this series. ( I disliked the New adventures of lois and clark thus I genuinely hope for a new series. )

Yes a new series maby/probably would redefine Superman However if the last episode would be taken to heart (Clarks new point of view and him getting married ASAP.) it would still be Superman.

To many series have truly ended or got cancelled when they were finally able to show their true potential.. I hope this wont happen to this franchise..

Look at it this way, The final episode was a Pilot for the new series.. wink
Whom of the Superman fans/ long running series fans would like to have it die out after it finally gets to shed its childish skin?


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i don't think there will be a continuation of the smallville series.... because i believe i read Tom Welling doesn't want to wear the Superman suit... at all... if ya noticed it was just close ups of him wearing the shirt ;-)


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marco1475 wrote:

Why would Jor-El create a costume with an S on it? There's no S in Kal-El? It makes no sense...

take a look here and here, it's kind of the symbol of the House of El.:


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they just can't do finales.they proly spent 80% of the buget on the music rights and wrote the story in an afternoon....while being hung over lol
you listen through more speaches then during an election year and then they throw a lame "batle" your way that lasts about 20seconds (not counting the speaches there),little cape time,talk talk talk,strip at the top and that's it!....i mean they build it up a season long,bring back EVERYBODY basicaly and then have them all repeat the same thing over and over and over.just nothing there...and where was the justice league?
the thing that pissed me off the most was that i've been waiting for lex's return this whole season (the only reason i still bothered to watch) and they made me wait right until the very end,but he didn't do anything....well apart from getting amnesia in such a stupid way which also makes his whole journey through the series from troubled young man to an actual villain just pointless.if he doesn't remember then why is he going to be the villain?we've seen how he turns "evil",but after this it doesn't make any sense,his whole identity was wiped....seriously if smallville did do anything well it was the build up of this absolute nemesis of a god among men.and it was a man.brilliant.but they've managed to screw it up in like 20 seconds lol  lol  lol amazing
another finale to forget cool

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The most epic way the original theme was ever used was when the ship lightened up in his hole behind the barn or whatever and Clark going down in it to check it out.

I don't even have a clue wich season finale it was (early years though) but the image with the theme being played by a solo soft trumpet I think was one of the very few moments I remember from that show.

mm... think I'll redownload that one just for that little piece.

Correction: Wasn't a finale but almost. Was episode 2-22 and the first time Clark hears Jor-El (Stamp) voice.

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kalapkaki wrote:

if he doesn't remember then why is he going to be the villain?

I guess the idea was to restore him to what his comic and movie alter-ego is, i.e. somebody who doesn't know who Superman is, but hates Superman just because he is the most powerful man on the planet and this a worthy adversary to Lex. Also Smallville really hammered the point home that Lex just is evil and while growing up with Clark as a friend helped keep the evilness at bay, his nature is simply evil, no matter if he has any memories at all or not.

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If I remember right season 5 by far was the worst season I think that had both the 100th episode that I hated Brianic as Johnathan ghost which was also weak and the Lana desperate for Clark to sleep with her but doesn't cause he got his powers back..I could be wrong about the season though


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worst season had to be season 4.... with the dood from supernatural before supernatural started and his mommy Dr. Quinn Medicine woman.  The whole witch and magic thing was so stupid.... only good thing that came of it was Lois ;-)