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5thyear co-founder Dominic Russo said the premise was based on the idea that "going from having class two days a week in college to working 40-plus hours is not an easy transition for most guys." A Web series about that precise experience was a way to "remind people that just because you're a graduate doesn't mean you're dead to the social world of stupid and ridiculous parties."

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Might be fun.

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Hey O-man any feedback on how this show is ? I saw it was already renewed for a second season .

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Well if you like stupid (and not saying that it's a bad thing), drug and drunk humor, than sure. smile

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Renewed for 4th & 5th seasons!

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This show is really making me laugh.  In my opinion it´s one of the best written shows on air right now (besides Legit and Sunny phil) .  I know  a lot of you don´t agree with me on that,  but let me say that it´s uncommen for me to laugh half the time out loud, even when i´m alone at home.
The characters are well written too and seem very real for me.  And on top of that they mentioned the unarguably best game there is: Magic the Gathering. 
Drug abuse, childish behavior by grown ups - Call me cheap, but thats i like.

No I´m not Tom Hanks - duh!!