Topic: What am I missing here?

Guys, I know that 3x15 aired out of sequence, and I **thought** I had seen every SG-1 and SGA episode ever aired, but in SGA 3x15 Colonel Sheppard made the comment "I spent 6 months with the Ancients" twice, and in teaching Rodney how to meditate he was talking about learning it from an Ancient.  Problem is, I do not recall any episode where he lived with Ancients for 6 months.  There was a 48 hour transition when they returned breifly before getting kicked to the curb by their own creations...  But that is all I remember.

Can someone help me fill in the gaps where apparently I was more intoxicated then I recall?  When did he spend 6 months living with the ancients?

Re: What am I missing here?

Season 2 Episode 12 "Epiphany"

Colonel Sheppard is separated from his team while investigating an Ancient device; he finds himself in a domain where time is dilated, progressing faster than normal. Doctor McKay frantically looks for a way to save Sheppard before time runs out!

due to time dilation he is there 6 months but outside only a few hours or a day comes by. Inside are Ancients trying to ascend...

recap at: … recap.html

Re: What am I missing here?

There was this episode where he was in a 'time-bubble' and spend 6 month with the ancients when the others just had hours. When the bubble was about to disappear the ancients reached the final step of meditation and rised to ... whereever.

I hope this clears things up. I can't remember the ep title though.