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Decent episode, but it felt again like there were some scenes missing. And what's the chance that the first "DNA bomb" will fail to complete its mission on Anna's ship and not on any other ship?

Two other things also bugged me:
1) Why are V computer interfaces showing messages in English? They should all be in V language and leave the viewers guessing or show subtitles.
2) Why did the alarm in the lab was heard only near the entrance and not in the rest of the facility? And how come the cops didn't show up?



Re: 2x08

Legitimate questions. I guess the makers of V are too busy or don't care enough about those fancy details.

Am I the only one who thinks that this DNA mixer looks stupid? I think they could easily have saved the money for this animation.

Another thing which I think is not very logical is that Ryan and Lisa are able to visit the old queen and nobody notices it. Wouldn't you expect in such a highly technologized ship to be superveilance everywhere?

And why do Erica and this other guy start an affair now 2 episodes before the end? Somehow this makes not much sense. If the story really ends after episode 10 then I doubt that they will be able to really unfold everything. For example we haven't seen anything about those cities which the Vs want to build.


Re: 2x08

ahh noticed those things too in this episode.
this is one thing that annoys me very much with many US shows. story is decent, good energy, nice flow and then out of a blue they make such a dumb, stupid and pointless mistake.

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