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really?? a matrix episode??  tongue

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Allison Mack <3 <3 <3 <3;kk=ac189e26a2e7bb80635d780411b5fbf5

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yeah but the matrix episode kinda sucked which is a bit surprising since this season wasn't all too bad , it was pretty good...;kk=2eaef4368573d410af8aec9cef95ee25

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I actually thought this was a great episode. and not to forget Chloe has RETURNED!!;kk=071d72c7453e5db8a71bc6f6abea38bc

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stupidest episode EVER!

I actually hope the Matrix creators sue them for blatantly ripping off their idea.

Why Smallville why? just when I start to like you again you pull this sh!t.

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I wasn't impressed with the matrix style episode, but still Chloe's back... thats all I was thinking anyway...

Oh and "will Clark ever fly"


in the real world anyway neutral

Spoiler tag because it may reveal more to the story than people want to know big_smile;kk=235f2f1ae70eb30963db30b6f68c97ed

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The Matrix part of it was kind of dumb but the show is what it is and it was ok overall so no harm done