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So am I the only one who thinks this episode was well written. The two main plots were

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- the president who made a nice twist with bargaining with The Others and releasing the leader to track her to the rest.
- the rescue with Sean's gf with the twist of 'Taylor Cole' killing all but one of her accomplices, who gets kidnapped by Sean.

Nice show and I can't wait how this story goes on.

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yeah i liked it, and another thing i like about this show is that they don't drag on to much with the story. 

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If this would have been one of the show people compares the event with (like lost, flashforward ect.)the rescue wouldn't have happened all ready. It only took 5 episodes.

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well the show is not too bad, but the thing bugging me is that they make way too big mistakes and i tend to notice them too easily.
i quote from

this is the bit i just don't get.
whether they're aliens or time travellers, how could they know what clothes to wear but not that we were still using vacuum tubes???

Exactly! I was wondering the same thing! I thought it was weird that they landed in the 1940s and were dressed for that time period (minus the winter coats) but then they weren't aware of what type of technology Earth had. So...they subscribed to Vogue back then but not Popular Mechanics?

something i noticed myself. when Sophia was released she look at the sun as she was enjoying it. she has never seen earth sun (probably if she was an alien since she was captured after crash and held as prisoner for 66 years). another thing was that she knew how to operate subway toll booth.

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