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hmm. after watching this last episode i feel the same as nivalis does. kinda some episodes leave you with those feelings.

"Avenge Me."
"Judgment Day is inevitable."
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While I agree here too, I have to say that if they deviate too much each episode then people wont like it cause it requires too much effort to follow the story. Remember the masses make the product, us die hard fans dont count for many.


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Thing is, as I can observe from SyFy channel productions, either they go really deep and troublesome in a miniseries, and hope for the best or they start a regular show that is more fun-oriented. Weirder, edgier stuff may pay off and become a series, as happened with BSG, or end itself in the miniseries format, as did The Phantom, Riverworld, etc. Riverworld was boring, sadly, could be a great concept to see through ... The Phantom is a character I love since was a wee bit lad and for economical reasons he had his uniform printed in Brasil in red with yellow and black trunks instead of the shades of purple it was concieved to be (I personally never underestood why a character named "the Phantom" would be red, if it was at least "de forest demon" or whatever. My dad still thinks the purple uniform is a recent addition, rsrsrs. But I digressed heavily, things one does to avoid real work... Anyway, W13 and Eureka were basically created to be FUN in the most basic sense of the word. The fact that Eureka's writting got so much better over the years and prompetd character development is great. W13 I hope goes the same way.  SyFy works with tight schedule and even tighter budgets, so, risking on another BSG is, well, risky business. Just remember Caprica flunked big time, and that's WITH sex, drugs, and some really cute girls with geekmuse potential.

Talking about geekmuse ... Claudia ... aaahhhhh ... rsrsrs ... boy I wish I were her agent! Girl's about to be huge if she plays it right. Geek hero of the year. Jessica Alba of the future, mark my words. if she's soptted by some papparazzo wearing a Star Wars T as did Megan Fox, she's IN.

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