Re: Covert Affairs

I just saw the last episode and while the last season wasn't as good as the first, what show is?
I was glad they wrapped up most of the loose ends, even though it seemed hurried and contrived. I'm actually a bit glad they left some unknowns. At least all the 'good guys' had a positive direction to take in their lives.

I would have liked to see the situation with her sister resolved:
I don't think Danielle ever found out Annie was actually alive. I would have liked to see the writers overcome the very very common very very wrong Hollywood cliche of "you told me a lie, so from now on, you have to tell me everything". What crap.
Anyone with a room-temperature IQ would realize the "I'm protecting you" is a very true condition.
The more people who know Annie is a spy, then the greater the chance that it gets out. Risking her life, almost certainly the lives of co-agents, and the very worst, cause failure of her ops.
Scenario: Danielle gets back with husband to give it a try. Husband is dissing A for one reason or another and D comes to the rescue of her sister and says "You don't know what your're saying, A is a hero, she works for the CIA risking her life all the time... er woops!"
And then they break up again and husband decides to dig in the knife a bit more by selling the story to the papers.
Missions are at stake (Many lives, national security, etc). Need to Know is NEED TO KNOW.

I also think it would have been a better end if Annie and Augie (& Natasha) went to work for McQuaid security, planning on subcontracting back to the CIA, but on their own terms, leaving time for developing their own lives.

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