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Identity (UK)


New show in the UK based on identity theft.

Keeley Hawes and Aidan Gillen star in Identity, a new ITV crime television series about identity theft
that is due to air in the UK on 5 July 2010.
Keeley Hawes of Ashes to Ashes fame is to star in a new British crime drama called Identity;
the first of the six episodes is due to air on ITV on Monday 5 July 2010.
Keeley Hawes plays DSI Martha Lawson who heads up a team of detectives who work on cases in which
identity crime plays a significant role.

But this is more than simple identity theft, where a thief steals someone’s credit card details
and goes on a spending spree. Here we are talking about identity theft to commit murder,
to cross borders and to engage in terrorism.

Keeley Hawes’ co-star is Aidan Gillen who plays DI John Bloom, an ex-undercover cop, who thus
has first-hand experience of pretending to be someone else but who has psychological problems as a result.
The rest of the team are uncomfortable with some of his policing methods.


Re: Identity (UK)

I just finished season one of six episodes. It was just ok. For an UK crime series this might be a good one but I enjoyed Keeley Hawes more in Ashes to Ashes. The big plot was ok, although it took some episodes to get this started.

Any fans out there who think this series is brilliant? wink