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Indeed big_smile



1 minute is indeed enough of that...

Indeed not - it's worth watchin the whole thing. The end is quite funny big_smile

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Star Trek just boring (no matter what spinoff, except for enterprise which was kinda good)

lol, good one, enterprise was the weakest spinoff of all star trek series, Star Trek TNG and Voyager were the best.
Star Trek just boring? Couldn't disagree with you more.

Star Trek and Enterprise are both great shows - for me it was Voyager I never saw completely. Just several episodes of every season including the beginning and the end of thie series.



Re: New to Stargate

Thanks for all that usual stuff guys.

Based upon your comments I ended up giving my friend's Atlantis DVDs back to them and getting the first season of SG-1 and really enjoyed it. Guess this is going to be a summer of Stargate for me then smile