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From what I understand the series is based on a book series, so if you really want to know what happens next, I guess you'll go read it.

really? that may help. big_smile

BIG EVENT series have a neck of ruining themselves due to lack of patience from the public. Truth is, people really only have brains for one of these a time, and Lost was still running. When networks realise that, they may be able to concentrate a bit more. Only hardcore scifi  fans have the ability to follow multiple complex stories ate the same time, most regular people have jobs, families and whatnot to care (or are just too lazy). Same thig occurred with Jericho end The 4400 (though this last one almost got a decent ending) nd, of course, before them, Twin Peaks.It is a risky bet yo count on the genereal public to embrace strangeness, of course, when they do, it pays of big time.

i just have to say that FF was just boring and predictible. the basic american drama, nothing more, and the same was for jericho and 4400... Paskaa, like we say in finland... that's why it got cancelled, the "complex" plot wasn't very complex at all (well not in my oppinion), just predictably dissappointing...

and about the book, i thought it was just one book written in 1999 by Robert J. Sawyerin. and i'm just guessing, but i think the book is a whole lot better, 'couse the show was just loosly based on the book. for example the flashforward that happens shows things 30 years in the fututre not just 6 months.

PS. Twin Peaks is the best show ever... it was sad that Lynch and Frost didn't focus on it more than the first season....

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4400 was good show sad


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no it wasn't smile

what doesn't kill you - hurts even more...


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well sg atlantis was also good show tongue


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I liked The4400, especially the third season. It took a while to take - sounds funny but makes sense, and it's definetly better to watch as a marathon (trust me on this one), becomes quite addictive. Overall, I think was a better view on "humans with powers" than Heroes post season1. I agree that FF was predictable plotwise, but that didn't distract me that much. Still I think should have been better executed, and, as I said before, makes me sad.

As for the saforementioned Twin Peaks, network took Lynch and Frost from the center stage. Back in 1989-1990 they were still too coward as to trust the inteligence of the public. Twin Peaks opened a door that X-Files tried to pry open, but the mentallity of tv produers and execs was still stuck in sanitized versions of reality. We still have that problem, though sometimes the shows that come out of the old formula are quite fun to watch (take Castle, White Collar, Chuck, for example)

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Looks like there are 3 books in the series so far
1. Flashforward
2. Calculating God
3. Rollback

They are by Robert j Sawyer. While I haven't read them, a friend has and said the books are much better than the tv show and the tv show kinda butchered the story.


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It's down to the same old problems of US audiences having the attention span of a gnat and advertising revenue.

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