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Okay? Was i the only one who was happy with this being the end? I dont get it.
The only thing that annoyed me was the hint that the guy was god. But everything else was fine.
Well anyway what do you guys think? Did you like the end or did you want more?


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??? What are you saying? It was the ending of series 5, which was supposed to be the end of the show. But for ratings sake we now get season 6. To make this possible the ending was weakened.

So am I happy with the end of season 5? No!
Am I happy that there is a now season 6? Yes!
Should season 5 instead ended with a big memorable end with no way of a season 6 ever? Hell yes!



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Like I've said in the 5x22 thread, I liked the last episode (it certainly wasn't my favorite SPN season finale) aside from the last scene. They should have ended the show instead of making a new season.



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Personally I loved the last episode of season 5, and in my head it looked like they wanted to come with a new season. Cause the show can't just end with Sam standing outside the house and look at Dean and Lisa.
I hope they keep going, cause I love the story in the show, and how the brothers keep together. And I don't think the show should have a bad ending like the devil win the whole war! I want God to come and conquer and be awesome!


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I think what most people believe is that the show should have ended with Sam sacrificing himself by jumping into the pit and saving the world, that's it, he doesn't appear again watching Dean and the girl. The Devil wouldnt have won but it wouldn't have been a fairy tale ending either.

I personally think that's what was written in the original script as the ending until they were told to drag it on for another season or however many it does run for.

I agree with Blackbox completely, the show probably should have finished but I'm glad they are continuing the show as long as the next story arc is as good as the last 5 seasons worth.

It will be interesting to see how they continue the story as every interview I have read says that it was always going to be a 5 year story arc..does that mean all the angels and demons and Lucifer are left behind and we get a new bad guy? or will the Apocalypse story continue somehow?

Has anyone heard anything?


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Yes, but how could it be as good? They just kicked the devils ass the only thing i can see would be that dean is still the devil. Thats the only adversary i could see really be okay but then the whole God being the prophet thing goes out the window since he rapped it up with this was his trail and what not.