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OMG!!! Did you see Jack's Killing Spree?? Frakking amazing!!

He Frakkin' Speared a russian dude!!!! awesomeness



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lol yeah, i almost clapped, and i actually liked that you didn't see it, just the aftermath. leave the rest to your imagination. you just know they were all caught with their pants down, lol.

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


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I just had 24 small orgasms! big_smile And double episode next week! Damn, I can't wait... is it also going to be like this?

The face of Logan when Bauer came after him... priceless! big_smile


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haha yeah "thats. thats jack bauer!" lol

"city morgue, you kill em, we chill em"


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Loved that they didn't show us the killing, just the battle dust.



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Loving the final season of 24. Glad to see Mr Bauer going out in style.

Bonus points for spearing + evisceration of the Russians tongue


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Yeah this was one of the best episodes of 24 ever. The room with the russians was so much fun. I was giggling as the camera was paning.

Merdith Reid or whatever the name of the journalist brought the average quality of the episode down though. Her acting was awful and whoever wrote the dialogue to the phonecall she made to the daughter should be killed cause that was probably the worst scene out of all the seasons of 24.

Lucky enough all the awesomeness of Jack Bauer was the centre of the episode.

I predict a spinoff series with Jack Bauer doing a Prisonbreak thingie.

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Logan's face when he saw Bauer was priceless. lol And Bauer in an Iron Man inspired costume made my day. big_smile

Can't wait for next week's series finale. smile



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You mean Army of Two:




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Awesome ep. Jack Bauer going on a rampage in a suit is cool. Tbh i don't think the knifewound he sustained will matter much. He's already been stabbed in the stomach like 10 hours ago, plus tortured, shot etc. I cross my fingers that he will kill the russian president at the UN, preferably on global television.

Angry Bauer is the best Bauer there is.


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No, he will die on national television just after revealing the truth (and his penis).

But indeed, didn't he get wounded earlier ? He seems to heal pretty quickly. But it is Superhuman Bauer after all...