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The final candidate is obviously Desmond. Why you ask? Well.....

1) When walking to the Well with Flocke, he was able to see the boy just as Sawyer was also able to who also happens to be a candidate. Richard couldn't see the boy because he is not a candidate. It seems only candidates can see him, whoever he is.

2) Obviously Desmond is not dead, as it would be pointless to bring him back only to die in a well. He will live because Flocke can't kill him since he is a candidate.

So there you have it, Desmond is the final candidate.

Now, who is going to replace Jacob (if anyone will) I would assume it is Jack since it just fits. I couldn't imagine anyone else, and anyone else will be a little disappointing.


Re: Final Candidate!!!


The candidates are in the running to replace Jacob...?

And on your logic he hasn't (tried to) killed any of the other final candidates either.



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Halo2 wrote:

And on your logic he hasn't (tried to) killed any of the other final candidates either.

He can continue to kill candidates and it won't help him , the island will just bring new ones , he just want to get the hell of the island before a candidate is chosen and becomes the new "Jacob".