Topic: [SPOILERS] season 3 ep 1 stuff

did any1 else question why sawyer didn't use the big rock he found just outside his cage to bash the piddly little lock that's keeping him and kate locked up. i mean the lock looked pretty small and flimsy but maybe it's not. just a thought.

Kate is so hot in the dress. if i was the guy in that shower room with her i would've at least taken a peek. lol

Re: [SPOILERS] season 3 ep 1 stuff

maybe he was too hungry for fish biscuits to actually think of escaping? smile

and I love Benry!! (the other formerly known as Henry Gale, lol)

"then you don't get any coffee" <- foxiest line ever.

And Lost totally went Desperate Housewives with the little village.. ^^;kk=9d9afb6879a9f41147742dcfc627c929