Topic: emails about new found airdates of tvshows ?


awesome site! i dont know how you do it, buts its very cool and very helpfull, for me anyway, specially at the start of each new tv season i'm always lost when it comes to the airdates of my tv shows, so thank you so much for having created this site. you rock !

i was wondering, do you think it would be possible to be sent an email automaticaly by your system, to be told when you get the airdates of tv shows that currently don't have airdates ?

Like for example, when or your site says the eps are scheduled for jan 01 2006, thats b/c we don't yet know when they'll start, but if and when you hear of when its supposed to start, then maybe your system could send us an email regarding the new info (maybe only for shows in our watchlist, or not, an option maybe in the page of the show to be sent an email when known).

yunno like whenever there's a real air date entered for a tv show that doesnt have one yet.

oh and have you thought about sending out a newsletter ? yunno like new shows that have been added to the list, and maybe some of your favorites aswell, and upcoming airdates or new airdates added for some shows.

i've been a subscriber of your site since probably day 1, well september anyway, and each week almost daily there's alot of new shows added, and thats cool, it shows your site is doing very well and expanding. congrats!


ps: i found a small discrepency with the L Word page here

the air date of the last episode is wrong, i dont know if its your source's info or the script, but the airdate is incorrect at sept 08 2005 and also its not possible for it to be episode s03e05 since the new season (s03e01) is scheduled for february 2006.

Re: emails about new found airdates of tvshows ?

or when there's new news on the news page. or maybe a blog of some sort?

have you looked into phpbb for your forums ? its widelly used and since its free and opensource, whenever there's a new feature you'd like to have, chances are that someone is also thinking about adding it.

and im sure with that site, you dont have to worry about making the code yourself.

anyway just a suggestion.

Re: emails about new found airdates of tvshows ?

oh how about making a new thread for the airdates idea i had above?

That way we can subscribe to that topic and get emails whenever there's a new messages. make sure one of the rules for that thread is to only have airdates in the posts. maybe make it a sticky at top of the other threads too?

Re: emails about new found airdates of tvshows ?

I've fixed the L-Word, it was some bug in my system smile

Your idea about the "returning shows alerts" is good, and I'll implement such a thing as soon as I have time for it smile

I didn't use PHPBB, mainly cause I didn't want forums with like 23784 features (that most users never use). Maybe I'll change this forum to PHPBB if it becomes more popular, and the current forum system is not adequate anymore smile

thanks for the nice feedback smile

if you have any other ideas - please share them smile

Re: emails about new found airdates of tvshows ?

I like this forum, its small, clean, and simple!