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Martin Gero reached inside my brain and gave me a near perfect episode - two Rodneys!  Quite possibly my idea of heaven.

I love all the alternate universe stories that Stargate comes up with, seeing all the little differences between them - ever since season one of SG-1 with the episode There But For The Grace Of God.  But I think this one has just become my favourite.  Shame we couldn't have seen into the alternate universe.  I would have loved to watch Joe Flanigan play an arrogant, condescending, Rodney-esque Sheppard.

And I don't think they could have cast it better either, having David Hewlett's real life sister Kate playing his sister on the show.  They work really well together - makes me look forward to David's movie A Dog's Breakfast even more.

Quite possibly the best bit though?  Meredith!  Classic.  big_smile

So... does anyone else share in my excitement, or am I alone in my geekdom as usual.  wink

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yes with that karenbear David makes SG Atlantis just awesome he plays his role so well.  Atlantis wouldn't be what it is without david.  And Meredith thats just great!!

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When I watched this ep I totally thought about you big_smile

I knew you couldn't hold yourself and write a post like this wink

The ep was really well done and Divid had to act really goos and did a fabulous job! And two Rodneys (Meridiths - LOL) plus a sister plus Amanda was just amazing.
The only flaw was the end of the story - If I got it correctly, this time Rods sister destroyed the whole parallel universe - right. They all f***ed up the experiment - once again - and closed the bridge to the parallel universe while it was getting worse on the other side. So if they don't care they could keep up the experiment and would have solved theire energy problem once and for all.

Is anybody with me?;kk=f2f78bbc2ae515f1a55746f794066001

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From what I understood of the technobabble, their actions at the end were to *save* both universes - the massive energy burst that depleted the ZPM closed the bridge and stopped the creation of exotic particles at the other end, so yay, everybody lives.  Otherwise why would the alternate Rodney want to try going home?

But yeah, if they didn't care that they were destroying a whole other universe they could have solved all their energy problems, but there have been enough complaints this season about their dubious moral choices - the writers would never allow that.

Besides, I'm better the lack of a ZPM will become a fairly important plot point in future episodes.  wink

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BlackBox wrote:

When I watched this ep I totally thought about you big_smile

Lol, same here smile

About the episode itself, I was a bit disappointed (both from SG-1 and Atlantis). The SG-1 episode was just ... weak, and the Atlantis - I had higher expecations. I thought, ok, they brought rodney sister, so it would be huge. They're doing some major story development with that uber-power-generating thingie.
Then it turned out to be just one of those paralel universe episodes ...

I'm glad they depleted their ZPM though, that should bring some more action in the next episodes smile

Sorry I'm being so negative about the sg-1 and atlantis series, I don't want to be, but they're just not as good lately sad;kk=5ba0ff0eba240dd51b6bf07fff0abb0e

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santah wrote:

Sorry I'm being so negative about the sg-1 and atlantis series, I don't want to be, but they're just not as good lately sad

Have to agree.. I lub Stargate, but lately summin isn't right.. Dunno what it is, and it won't get the chance to become better again (SG-1) cos of the damned cancellation. I'll enjoy the end of it, though, no matter.
Remembering the old seasons. tongue

*sniffs a bit*

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Karenbear, I demand your thoughts on this! big_smile;kk=5ba0ff0eba240dd51b6bf07fff0abb0e

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It's hard to give unbiased thoughts on this subject, because I'm about as biased as you can get.  I love, love, love Stargate - have done since the movie.


Yeah, if I try to be objective, SG-1 isn't as good as it used to be.  I recently rewatched a lot of my favourite season three and four episodes, and the new ones don't quite match up.

I suppose a lot of it is the loss of RDA from the show.  It wasn't the same when Michael Shanks left for a season, and it's not the same without RDA now as O'Neill.  I'm a big fan of Ben Browder, but anybody trying to fill the space left by RDA was going to have a hard time.  Corin Nemec had the same problem.

It's also hard for any long term Sci-fi show not to get bogged down in its own mythology.  The X Files had the same problem - when I rewatch that I only ever watch the stand alone episodes because the ones dealing with the long term arc get so heavy and complicated.  I don't think SG-1 is quite as bad, but it's getting that way.

And I don't know if this is just me, but the Ori aren't as interesting to me as an enemy as the Goa'uld were.  Another downfall of a long running sci-fi show - they keep having to up the danger level until they get to ridiculous heights that can end up seeming comical as opposed to actually threatening.  If that makes sense.

Despite all that it's still better than most shows on TV these days!

Did that satisfy your demand then Santah?  wink