Topic: 5x10 [SPOILERS]

I CANNOT believe they killed Jo. Those bastards tongue
I had such high hopes for her and Dean. They just made it look like it was going to happen sooner or later.
And then they kill her... boy am I pissed. Especially because I don't see a way out of it...

Tell me I'm not the only one pissed off about her death...

P.S.: I did some digging online and it seams like she's not coming back either...gone for good


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Re: 5x10 [SPOILERS]

The mid-season finale was IMHO only OK. Everything felt a little rushed and they should have divided it into two episodes instead of doing only one (I would choose the first one ending with Jo being injured and the second one having an identical ending to what we've seen). Jo's death was kind of obvious from the moment she was injured, but I'm surprised that Helen went down with her. Looks like Winchester curse lives on. sad



Re: 5x10 [SPOILERS]

I agree with xrnzaaas, a lot of things happened too fast and Jo and Helen died really fast, they were next to the others some of the main characters and now they disappeared in like 20 minutes...

I have no idea how this season's moving on, death walks on earth, the devil does as he wishes and Bobby and the Winchesters don't have a clue on what doing next.