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Hi there, how to change the time zone for the watch list? I couldn't find the link...
Thanx in advanced.

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There isn't smile
I guess I was too lazy.
I'll add that feature like tomorrow, when I find time
If you want leave your username and I'll reset your timezone so you can pick a new one smile

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Good work Santah big_smile

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hi santah,

its 11:38pm here in gmt-5, and the home page shows friday's episodes as:

Today's episodes:
  Real Time With Bill Maher  (Season: 6 Episode: 10)
  Malcolm in the Middle  (Season: 7 Episode: 4)
Ghost Whisperer  (Season: 1 Episode: 6)
Joey  (Season: 2 Episode: 7)  Forum

as today's episode, and SNL in tomorrow's. ok so its a bit early to call friday, today. its an hour early, not sure if "just" 1 hour early, i didnt check until now, i'll try to remember to check tomorrow night at 10pm.

Don't forget to include normal and advanced time in the timezone script. its coming up this weekend. Spring forward, fall back.

edit: hmm, it said just now, last edited a 0:04, but its actually 1:04. is 0:04 my time or your time? if its my time then its off by 1 hour since its summer time still. we'll change our clocks "fall back" in a few days, so your script should have the right hour then.

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em, well it was 11h38pm when i started to write it, its now 00:51, i got distracted a bit there tongue

anyway, since not everyone on the planet uses advanced time, maybe there could be an option in the account to check/uncheck to include this 1 hour time diff.

anyway, i'm curious about the timezone script, what formula do you use to calculate when today/tomorrow changes for the user?

im not sure if the script has access to the current time on my computer or if you're using the server's clock instead.

must be something like :

gmttime = servertime + servertimezone // would be nice to have an actual way to get the realtime gmt time info.

advance1hour = 0 or 1 or -1 depending on user option to use or disregard that advance hour.

usertime = gmttime - usertimezone + advance1hour  // if result is < 24, then its still today for the user.

then :

dow = day_of_week(usertime) // im sure php has a built in function for that

atleast thats the general theoretical part.

As for the practical side of coding, you seem to have that well covered ;-)

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i just re-read my stuff above,

i think i was rambling wink

maybe just a bit. anyway, brings back fond memories of programming a timer/clock way back when in Borland Turbo C , thats way before javascript but still pretty much the same smile

good luck with your time script smile

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there is now a "settings" page
please experiment with it (the timezones) and inform me if any of the timezones works OK for you (and which one)
thanks! smile;kk=5ba0ff0eba240dd51b6bf07fff0abb0e

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Thanx man

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fantastic idea about the dates in the watchlist, i updated my timezone, now i just have to wait until around 10pm/11pm tonight or midnight see if things are fixed.

woho and now there's  an easy way to manage the watchlist.

good job on the settings

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No matter which Time Zone I pick, everything is always listed in Central Time Zone.

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yes it is, timezone settings work only for determining today's, tomorrow's and yesterday's shows ...;kk=5ba0ff0eba240dd51b6bf07fff0abb0e

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hmm i saw earlier around 11:30pm my time (gmt-5) the the home page's today and tomorrow are still messed up.

is it really only set to use central time as ddn2003 says ?

i tried with another itmezone gmt-6 still wrong days. but at gmt-7 it showed me right days.

santah can you please let me know if you are working on this ?

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yeah, you might say that I'm planning on working on this smile
the timezone affects only the detection of "todays, tomorrows and yesterdays" shows
if you click and enter the show's page, all the times are in central american time (that's why it says so)
when I find the time (one of these days) I'll make it so the timezone affects everything

sorry for that guys;kk=5ba0ff0eba240dd51b6bf07fff0abb0e

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thanks for the reply, its no problem for me really, it only happens after 10pm at night, so it only lasts 2hours. not a big deal.


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santah wrote:

yes it is, timezone settings work only for determining today's, tomorrow's and yesterday's shows ...

Hmm I wish it would work for me, but it doesn't. Also the dropdown box for the timezone setting is allways empty, when i enter the settings page. Are you sure that you save the timezone setting (DB, COOKIE, both?)

Since I'm GMT+1 I see a total mess wink

Anyway nice feature!

[edit]At least the Post is displayed with the correct timestamp, so DB seems correct![/edit];kk=f2f78bbc2ae515f1a55746f794066001