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...anyone else as excited as I am?? Kinda sad I know but I've always loved the L J Smith books, the whole Night World series etc.

Love the vampire stuff, although never read/watched the Twilight rubbish cos it's just a rip off of L J Smith's books and never could get into True Blood, even though I've heard it's amazing. Just can't get used to Ryan Kwanten aka Vinnie Patterson from Home & Away playing anyone aside from Vinnie! And not a big fan of the southern accent.

Anyway, going off topic now but looking forward to watching Vampire Diaries tomorrow (since I'm in the UK)!


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I only just heard about Diaries and will give it a go....although it sounds like a bit of a twilight copy (no idea which came first and either way didn't really like twilight. A relationship between a human and vampire is not a strong enough premise for a whole series to be based off, hopefuly this has more to it).

Seriously you should give True Blood a try, I didn't really like the first episode, it left me thinking all it was, was a series about the vampire and the waitress and it wasn't until the first series had finished that I gave it another shot...watched the whole series in 1 weekend, it was awesome. The whole southern accent drove me nuts for the first episode,  but I got over that pretty quickly.....now its one of my favourite shows. Also Ryan is really good in it, great character (Jason Stackhouse) and he plays it really really well...damn he pulls off a great accent too.

For me it was just a show you had to give a few episodes to grow on you, but once it does, you will love it


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You don't think he is funny?


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Just cause you dislike him, doesnt mean he isnt a great character. He is almost completely one dimensional and as stupid as they come, it's hilarious, very entertaining character to watch.


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Hm, watch it now or in the evening... I don't know now.



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At least the vamp uses a Mac big_smile


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Just watched Vampire Diaries, I feel like i just watched Twilight the series..... it was exactly the freaking same!!!


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just whatched the first ep. little bit cheesy with the whole fog sences, but will give it a shot and see where it goes. but lets face it, its no True Blood

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proteinnerd wrote:

Just watched Vampire Diaries, I feel like i just watched Twilight the series..... it was exactly the freaking same!!!

Just remember, Vampire Diaries came first...

I know that doesn't make a difference but still!


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I will give it a look this weekend if I can tear myself from FF7

Nivalis your picture-talk is awesome. big_smile



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Downloading now, but if it's the same as twilight i'm going to puke.

and BTW: Jason Stackhouse owns smile


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But ok, True Blood also started louzy.

Plus: MGMT.
The main girl looks nice.
The killings.
Minus: The main vampire looks like he is 30y old, not 16-19 for a high school.
Sudden apperence of fog (looked stupid).
The fight.
I see big "TWILIGHT" in every scene.

*goes to listen to Jeremy*

And Jason is great!



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Maybe we should start a Jason Stackhouse appreciation society


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it was almost exactly like twilight...i'm gonna give it one more ep to improve...otherwise, scrap it...it truly was some twilight lovers wet dream.



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Not seen Twilight so can't compare but OMG this is absolutely terrible. If the superb Moonlight can't get past one season and the very good Blood Ties can't get past two half seasons then I can't see this teen angst with teeth getting past three episodes (if it's very very lucky). Guess I don't need to watch Twilight now.

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i'm gonna watch all twilight movies with a friend over beer because the amount of laughs we got from commenting the 1st one was epic. but, i wouldn't be surprised if this goes on for years, since twilight is insanely popular among younger girls. this also should add a small amount of boys because girls are way hotter than in twilight big_smile

also, discovered that kristen stewart is really a decent actress, check out adventureland. what a surprise.


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I actually like the twilight books. Sure, they are girly, but not bad.. The movie didn't do the first book justice at all.

as for this show, I've not made up my mind yet. But some of the cast look way too old for high school students



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maccool111 wrote:

Not seen Twilight so can't compare but OMG this is absolutely terrible. If the superb Moonlight can't get past one season and the very good Blood Ties can't get past two half seasons then I can't see this teen angst with teeth getting past three episodes (if it's very very lucky). Guess I don't need to watch Twilight now.

Apparently it was the most watched series premiere in CW history so who knows, might stick around (or numbers may go down drastically next week).

I still haven't managed to watch it because my internet is being so irritating!


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Pilot episode was dreadful, exactly what I expected from a station centered on young women. The only watchable vampire shows (assuming you're not into True Blood) were Buffy and Moonlight.



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As always, I'll have to wait for few more episodes untill I decide...

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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ok i watched the first ep of vampire diaries

placebo - running up the hill (awesome song)
main girl looks much better than the girl in twilight
it's a mixture of twilight and true blood which is not bad

i will definately give it a chance and those over supporters of jason stackhouse maybe feel a little bit warm and tinglie inside when they see him? lol just asking if they like the same sex perhaps ? smile



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The worlds oldest high school kids in vampire diaries. I never watched Twilight - didn't know anything about Vamp Diaries but gave it a shot. Not going on to the 2nd episode. I can't believe that guy is in high school - not even after glamouring everyone in the town is he going to fit in to high school.

True Blood is great - i couldn't stand Jason Stackhouse at first - but he is hilariously funny in the seond season - and he plays it perfectly, and has the best lines. I didn't know he was in Home and Away, i thought he was American, i also thought no one could capture stupidity that well and not be American!

Vamp Diaries will probably go 15 seasons, all the bad stuff goes a forever. That said - it all can't be great - something has to suck so we know how good others are. It is still too early to tell if VD is going to get better, maybe they did a really bad Twilight remake to capture that audience and are planing to break off into great and original story telling once they have a loyal base - it is probably unlikely though.



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I don't much like True Blood, I gave it a try twice, thinking it might deserve a second chance, but nope not for me the second time through either(i watched until some way into the last episode of season 1). I thought it had potential at first, but I can't stand the cast. Moonlight I liked very much, and I was really disappointed to see it cancelled



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I just watched the pilot... liked it! Seams that the vampire rules are more of the Buffy handbook than the Moonlight one...

Well made, good acting and hot chicks... that makes potential for greatness... wink


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This is officialy the first show I'm removing from my watchlist.

Twilight: The Series... bleh.