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Here you can find a new trailer for SGU

http://spoilertv.blogspot.com/2009/07/s … ler-2.html



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Ooooooh, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait, cant' wait...

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed...


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can't wait also, but that trailer seems very dramatic, stargate should not be that dramatic..


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That looks bloody awesome! Sure it should be dramatic. I was starting to get bored with Stargate Atlantis, and the old Stargate never really was my cup of tea. It was alright, but not fantastic in my opinion. Richard Dean Anderson will always be MacGyver to me tongue

Looks like they're taking Stargate in a new direction. Some reinvention is necessary to keep it fresh. I'm looking forward to this.


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I think it looks great, love the more dramatic style.

Plus...October! much sooner than i thought ;D


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It seems they start off on a SGC Gamma site somewhere, so least they keep it fresh (not going from the SGC again!).

I like how it's more like BSG than Altantis!

Really looking forward to all this big_smile

"Looks like we entered the Hoth system", lol.



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Oh and the ship looks cool too!



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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  I have to wait til i get home to watch it!!!  Stupid proxy blocks all the cool sites!!!  Well, most of them at least.

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Well i'm on board...!  how can you go wrong with Lou Diamond Phillips???

I can't wait... new SG!!


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Now that's starting to make sense. previous trailers/teasers just said there will be SGU, now we have something what tells what SGU will be like, and that quest to get back home in a ship that's apparently falling apart should be dramatic. I just wander how this will play out in a long shot, if they'll ever get back or how/if they'll contact with earth, or it'll be just on the beginning and then there will be just them...



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lots of familiar faces. the "surprise" one especially! smile

little disappointinted that there was no "chevron encoded" counting nor stargate opening/closing ...

still, it'll be legendary!



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looking amazing, there is another trailer out with o'neill at the beginning too, hes in it a lil more.
the ship looks more wraith than ancient, still cool though.
i guess there will have to be an ancient communicator onboard so that they can bring earth into the story.

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That trailer almost seems like they took the entire production team from BSG, and just dropped it right ontop of the SG universe.

It kinda has that feel to it, and looks like a higher budget than what we saw on the previoous SG franchises.


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Just came across this today,


Damn teasers...!!!


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sweeet, can't wait for this..