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Episode 1x13 is out there!



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Oh my Joss! That was brilliant!

I keep thinking back to the first few episodes and than comparing them to this... holy crap! It's like they just jumped to season 10! I love this show, more than ever!

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Great news! smile

Link anyone?

OK, got it.



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Not what I expected, but wow!


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this is awesome...watching it now...like the beginning so far...nice and post-apocalyptic


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Wow... like... wow...

It's NOTHING like the previous episodes! Fuckin' FOX doesn't want to air it probably because they want to increase the DVD sales sad bastards



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saw it now wholly...omg, that was so much better than the previous shit altogether. so enjoyable...they better fucking make more of this


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looking for a download now...

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Holy mother of Jesus! Mind: blown. About once every five minutes!

Un-fucking-believably good. Best. Hour. Of. TV. This. Season. Way to wrap up the season - for me it reached Mount Olympus and chills up there with The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, In The Pale Moonlight, Out of Gas, Once More With Feeling, and Not Fade Away.

z1rra wrote:

they better fucking make more of this

Don't hold your breath. It's called "Epitaph One" for a reason. We will get back to normal episodes in season 2 - we can hope they are going to be of the quality episodes 6-12 had. But this has been a one-off event and that is partly the reason why it was so good and packed such a punch. Just count the number of revelations that one episode had. You cannot keep this amount of surprises/revelations up for every episode, because it would cheapen them. So call this one "lightning in the bottle" and move on smile

Although I do wonder how they are going to structure season 2. It seems that the show's ambiguity towards whether the Dollhouse good or bad is has been unequivocally answered and we know the world will go to shit because of the technology. So what will the show's second season's premise be? Watch how Caroline is going to break free and be patient zero for the "blocking" that eventually saves humanity?

Since they won't get a third season I would, however, love to see an Epitaph Two where they actually showed how Caroline's blocking ability saved humanity. Epitaph One left it kind of up in the air, which was awesome for that episode, but ultimately leaves me wanting to know more.

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IMO I think the reason this was never aired is that it was intended as a show finale in the event that there was no season 2.
I also watched ep 100 the unaired pilot and to me it made more sense than the pilot that was actually shown.
Both excellent.

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I'm having the sense that I should be afraid of the time travel, that any show would introduce right about now... But than I think; This is Joss Whedon and Tim Minear... they will not do that, and I go quietly to sleep wink

But still, It gives me a weird flash of Terminator... not the old movies, but the show... It's always going towards the destructive future... we know that, and it will not change.... the interesting thing, is how we get there...


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Obviously at least Memento, if nothing else, has shown us that the road can be more interesting than the goal, the why more intriguing than the what. And Joss Whedon and Tim Minear aren't necessarily strangers to "pre-told" stories - Buffy's Restless (4x22) very pointedly foreshadowed the upcoming season (although it was nowhere near as specific) and we all know about Angel's Shanshu prophecy.

My "problem" with this wonderful flash-forward is that the events depicted seem much more interesting than whatever is going to happen with Caroline. While Caroline's change from a dumb active to the "blocker" and leader of the resistance is important, I'd much rather see the war or any of the multitude of big events alluded to in the episode.

Furthermore, it was and wasn't meant to be a series finale. I think Joss wrote it with more seasons in mind, so us seeing it now is very much his choice. The reason FOX didn't air it was a financial one - FOX ordered 13 episodes from 20th Century Fox (production company), but this included the unaired pilot (alluded to by maccool111), which got scraped for parts after FOX didn't like it. The contract with 20th however said they need to produce 13 episodes, so they produced Epitaph One, which however wasn't part of the deal with FOX. FOX would have to pay extra money to be able to air it and it just wasn't worth it to them. And that's why Epitaph One is on the DVD only.

But I do agree that part of why Epitaph One is what it is, is Joss mapping out the "big story" for us (or even himself). Something along the lines: "I know this show will never live to see seven seasons, we'll be lucky to get a second one, so here is what I would do with all the resources and time at my disposal. This is what the show could be, given enough time, money, and a giant audience." It's basically a pipe dream.

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On an other note..
The hot chick, that died in the shower, is Janina Gavankar!


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great episode


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like i was watching the sci fi channel in uk the other day...

and it showed this episode:O:O:O.... and wen i cliked info they called it the season finale