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i'm just speechless.

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SPOILER WARNING............... if you havent seen the last episode (episode 22) DONT READ THIS POST!!!!

yeah - me too- thought it would end - not that it would continue - dammmmm - hate when they change the ending, just because they realised "hey...this is a hit....lets make more episodes!!!"

I was expecting to see them get free - and see the bad guys get caught!

And... why.....why let the only attractive female die!!!! (the doctor) WHY!!! - she was so hot!

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heh, i had to cool down a bit before writing anything specific ; ).

hell, i was also counting on some unambiguously ending, but still - it totally roxed, but i'm not sure i want to see season two! as you said - the doctor died (OD, that sux :\), T-Bag won't last long without hand (it was totally freaky), the rest of breaking 'team' probably also won't gonna make it. and tweener, well, that kid was really lucky. and what about all that president of the usa stuff? goddamn : o.
oh - and i almost forgot - Haywire on the bike. rotfl : D.


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i knew they had planned for more seasons (6, i heard !?!) but i still didn't expect it to end like that.....

either they escaped, or they didn't..... but nothing so 'open'..... wondered why they couldn't just shoot the handcuffs off tbh.... or shoot him before he swallowed the key

sucked about the dr.... hopefully they gonna find an attractive replacement, otherwise its a bit of a peenfest smile


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yeah - you are all right. The last episode sucked a lot. It would be much better if the last scene had been on a mexican beach with cocktails in their hands, ...

The reason is obvious. The producers really need a second season. But WTF they need to get cought to break out again. But is there any reason why Mike should do it all over again? He has no tattoo or other plan for the second season... Season two is supposed to be crap sad

Well - lets see what they come up with...

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I can't believe they killed off the old guy. HE WAS HAWT!!!11!!!!

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Yeah that doc may not be dead. It was never said that she was in actuall fact gone. ROFL haywire on that bike and the small helmat!

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if they do get caught and end up back in trying to get out, it just wont be the same,  i really liked season one but cant  see it been as good if there back in the prison

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I think most of the next season will be concentrated on the money thing and the evil prison guard - chasing our guys. Probably they'll catch the brother and a few other again, so there would be more scenes from the prison and suspense (will there be death penalty or not).

I loved the season finale and the few episodes before that. The crazy guy taking the bike (and not raping the girl) was fun.

I'll pray for the doc, too cute to kill her off just yet ....

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yeh  waiting to see whats going to happen, they have left it open so they can do what eva they want in season 2.
hopefully its good, but in real life i think it would be near impossible to break out twice.

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sumita wrote:

Last Monday i saw the Final season of Prison Break this Season is good season...Before it i never saw this Season..

Oh cmon sumita - there is a difference between the season finale and the final season. BTW this topic is about the season one finale and you should've posted in here only wink
Unfortunately I can't move posts - just complete topics... hmm