Topic: season 2 predictions

good ending to season 1.... a interesting mixture of good and bad things happening but the big question is..... where does that leave us for season 2 ??

personally, i think the only characters to carry forward will be andre braugher (nick).... his step-daughter (tammi) and his 'friend' (riley) who kidnapped her.... maybe Will Yun Lee's character will be involved.... but i reckon we won't see the other thieves' again...

i'm most likely wrong tho smile


Re: season 2 predictions

there are indeed many open ends there. but the biggest is that nick has no money (from the plane gig) left. so he needs to find a new 'job'...

let's see how it plays all out in season 2 smile



Re: season 2 predictions

i'm hoping that plant gets knoced up and that nick puts her out in the streets and she becomes addicted to crack. pfft, calling nick a nigger the balls on the girl. nick should've slapped her silly.