Topic: episode 5?????

I'm wondering if episode 5 actually has been aired last Tuesday. Can't find ANYTHING about this episode on the net - not a torrent, not a simple summary. Hope, F/X didn't cancel this show like it obviously happened to NBC's "Heist"!


Re: episode 5?????

yeah, I'm also trying to find it for 2 days now, I guess they didn't actually air it, but TV.com still won't correct the info sad


Re: episode 5?????

hm, I just had a peek at their official homepage (http://fxnetworks.com./shows/originals/thief/main.html). A click to "schedule" tells this night at 11.00 pm there will be a repetition of current episode 5. So there's still some hope...
Btw - "Thief" is the biggest surprise so far this year. Incidently, I just watched a few episodes of good old cop-series "Homicide". Nice to see Andre Braugher on the other side ;-)


Re: episode 5?????

it's out, finally smile


Re: episode 5?????

cool show.... ep 6 should really be setting it up for season 2

shame about heist tho