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I watched about 1 minute of this special and then Boomer said 'stay tuned 'cause we're gonna give you a little sneak peek.' So i shut it down and will put off watching it until after i have watched the finale.

Sneak Peek could mean totally blowing any surprise or useless info that means nothing to anybody - it could go either way - and i am not risking it.



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Anyone seen it yet? Does it contain spoilers or can it be watched before the three-part finale without ruining anything?


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Yeah don't post anything about the frakin special or you'll get circumcised twice!

This close to the end.. why would you wanna ruin it?

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I've watched it, and it is safe of spoilers.  Really cool actually.  Just about the actors and behind the scenes as they finish the series and how much they have enjoyed it.  Was good to watch as a warm up for the finale.  Can't wait. Enjoy smile


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Ok i saw it... it was good... but i'll be damned if i'm gonna cry when this show ends... FRAKIN BOO HOO!  The special is just a clip show that lets the actors put there 2 cents in about the show which is pretty good.

This show has had a fantastic run.... so throw a party... toast to the end and ENJOY!

Hell i might actually stay in on a friday night to check it out ;-)