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Yesterday I saw a rather old movie called "The Pillow Book (1996)", directed by Peter Greenaway.

It was really different by acting, photography and most of all story line idea. It's about an Japanese girl who likes writings on the human body, goes to Hongkong and seduces the lover of an old publisher. The publisher is an old gay Chinese and his lover is Ewan McGregor.
The weird thing is, that you see Ewans private parts all over the place until he finally kills himself and is transformed into a book - literally!

I slept one night about it and thought I would make sense out of it today, but I don't yikes

Has anybody seen this flick and has some ideas?


Re: The Pillow Book

Not seen it, but it sounds strange.  I'll look out for it.

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Re: The Pillow Book

seen it a long time ago. what i remembered from it, was that it was weird.

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