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Lie To Me


I just saw the pilot and i really enjoyed it.
what did u guys think?


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ANOTHER CRIME SHOW? jesus christ. you know what? I blame society.


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indeed disturbing, but u cant do a 45 min show about a guy talking.


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Waiting for it to be added to the list of shows so it can go on my watchlist.

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Just finished watching it and I think it's pretty cool.
How could it not be when one of it's stars is the gorgeous Kelli Williams.

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i really can't lie to you, but crime shows start wearing off. way too many of them... imo

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It took until today that I stumbled upon Lie to Me. I have to admit that I istantly added it to my watchlist. The body language reading Tim Roth is performing is great and you can learn many things for RL big_smile

Lets see how the show evolves. And I can recommend at least the pilot smile



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I'm surprisingly hooked on that one. Not much for crime shows, but I consider this as much a crime show as Life - with all their quirkyness these shows are both so much more than just procedurals...

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i just watched the second episode of lie to me and found it to be as good as the pilot. i feel the more that they can go with not explaining every little action/mistake made by the protagonist, may actually make a fun show!


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Damn you people! I have already enough shows to watch... Well this is enough +1.

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

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Great show, in the same alley as Mentalist, but the actor is way more interesting. Tim Roth is awesome.


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not bad. But I like The Mentalist better



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Glad to hear its good but I just can't stomach another crime/mystery/medical show with the nowadays all to common  quirky genius lead who plays by his own rules but by god gets results.

That pretty much sums up 80% of the TV programs showing, is there no originality in TV production anymore?

But it will go in first reserve for the non ratings period ;P


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The Mentalist is starting to be like Numb3rs...it started off with cool stuff that was really smart and tricky, but then it starts phasing out...in Numb3rs in the first season, Charlie explained all the math...and then after a while only eluded to the fact that the math is what solved everything. In the Mentalist, it's going that way too...less brilliant trickery, and more easily manipulated people using less than impressive tactics.

Lie to Me has started really strong, but it'll be interesting to see how quickly the intelligence is substituted for drama. I mean, there can only be so much to know about lying, right? Eventually thay'll have to concoct some elaborate web of lies that is somehow the foundation of a love story, and blah blah, it'll go down hill.

Interestingly, these shows could take a hint from House and reuse intelligent bits...House reuses the same tactics now and then...and it has kept quite true to formula, without ever becoming redundant...there's gotta be more to it than that, but it's impressive that a procedural can stay so fresh all the time...

In any case, Lie to Me is top notch so far...good stuff.



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Nice to see you both discussing something else besides your topic wink

And I totally agree with both of you smile



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I actually liked the "Love Always" episode very much. I thought the show is running quickly out of ideas how to show people are lying, but proved me wrong smile
And those small scenes were they show real politicians in their weak moments like Clinton or Obama are really an eye opener. Not only is Tim Roth nice to watch, his character also teaches you some good soft skills while you get entertained.

This show is so staying on my watchlist... big_smile



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Man I'm so sick of shows that have to HAVE a running storyline... where if you miss one ep then you have to scurry to catch up with what's going on..

I miss the old days where you could just switch the tele on and just watch a show without having to invest in 3 seasons worth of watching...just to follow a damn ep.

Like the original Star Trek series....you can just click it on and boom! entertained....

This crap with a requirement for a storyline is getting old... I enjoy lie to me...just a theme and standalone ep's, which isn't to say that I don't like storylined based shows (Lost, Dr.Who....etc etc)

I am just tired of everything needing to have it....I think that is one of the biggest problems with Network Execs these days.... they require that and if EVERYONES not watching then a show gets axed...

It's a load in my opinion..


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Season 2 is nice so far, 'specially today's ep.



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It's been a while since somebdy commented on this show. I wonder why because season two got even stronger after the long break. All episodes were written nicely and you still have interesting cases and nice body language hints to catch.




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I agree... I find myself looking forwards to this show, every week...


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well, you just have to love tim roth. he's the main reason to watch this.


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Great show!


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Agreed. While I lament the extreme storylines Shawn Ryan (creator of The Shield) brought to the show, I cannot deny their appeal. Luckily my main draw - Tim Roth and the character he created ("what crazy shenanigans will Lightman do this week?") - isn't affected by them, so I am good smile I think the truckload of cash they have to dump on Roth's lawn every week is very well worth it.

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Last Episode was awesome ! Lightman rullz !