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E! online reports Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:30 PM PST:

Could Fox be shutting the doors on Prison Break — without any plan for future escape?

The Hollywood Reporter says the series might be coming to an end, because word is there might be two more episodes this season, which could be an attempt to wrap up storylines and send Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell on their merry way.

So what is the real story? Is Prison Break really on the way out?

We've checked in with the network, the studio and inside sources for exactly where things stand...

Yes, it's true Fox is considering an additional two hours for the current 22-episode season four of Prison Break.

However, according to our sources, the reason for this two-hour boost might not be the doom-and-gloom series cancellation projected by the Reporter.

"Fox was very happy with how the 24 movie turned out and they are interested in us doing something similar," a source who works on the show tells us.

So what exactly is the purpose of that proposed two-hour PB event, and what would it be about? Sources are staying tight-lipped for now, as details are still being hammered out, but I can tell you that these two additional hours would not impact the planned storylines for season four. We should have more news for you on that later this week.

In the meantime, we're told:

    * The studio that produces the show is looking into the possibility of making an extra two hours of Prison Break.
    * The network has not yet agreed to buy and/or air those two hours, if they are indeed created by the studio.
    * The network has already ordered 22 episodes of season four.
    * Episode 12 of that existing 22-episode order airs tonight.
    * The winter finale airs Dec. 22, and then the show will return in the spring to finish out the 22-episode order with a six-episode miniseason.

The ratings for PB have slipped a little with each consecutive season, dropping to about 6.4 million viewers this season. Still, I know many of you remain fans (and will be watching tonight at 9 p.m.). So what do you think? Would you rather see a two-hour event that is simply a bonus to season four, or a series finale?



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Yes, season 4 will be the ending for prison break.
I think only season 1 is good, i dislike prison break season 2 and 3.

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I'm all up for digging up old threads, but when the answers a couple of threads below... big_smile



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Well this happens if someone opens a new thread instead of posting in here. In this case I have to cut the new guy some slack - sorry H2 wink



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about time...

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