Topic: The end of season 6....

I'll give it to them. No matter how sad I got through the episode when I realised this was the season finale (never thought to check it...) I was just anxious to see how they would end things with everybody.
Would they leave cliffhangers absolutely everywhere? Yepp, they sure did. I'm mighty impressed, not one storyline brought to a close. And what a show put on by Mr. Dawsons Creek himself!

So; what I want to know is:
1. Is everybody as frustrated/in awe of the last episode as I am?
2. Anyone know anything about a season 7?
3. Anyone want to try predicting what's next for the gang?


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Re: The end of season 6....

Just want to see more of Mia and Lindsey... they are the hotties.. Oh, and Mouths old girlfriend "new assistant" is pretty fine smile


Re: The end of season 6....

I love one tree hill i won every season i could sit a whole day and just watch it. The shows leaves you wanting more. I don't know why people think it is a dumb show.