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I so want it to be Brooke that he called! Lindsey would be fine, but Peyton is just annoying... smile


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You're joking???!!! If I calls Lindsay I'll be furious, and if he calls Brooke, NOTHING makes sense anymore... No, it HAS TO BE Peyton.....


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Re: Season finale..

But Lindsay is so damn hot...

I have seen some flirting going on between Brooke and Lucas... also they seem like a better fit.. I think that they both want to settle down and start popping out babies..

Damn, I'm such a girl...

Edit: I'm not such a girl.. all the girls would probably be rooting for Peyton...:P


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Lindsay is hot, but she's an ice-queen! She has no charm or appeal at all....

But where are they gonna take this next season? Is it gonna be all about Lucas and his girls? I hope Dan leaves quick, I'm sick of him....


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Re: Season finale..

I just love Michaela McManus... she is so beautiful.. don't agree on the ice-queen...

They have done "Lucas and his girls" to death in this show... but we'll see. Dan's probably gonna survive the car and get a new heart... hope not thought...