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What did Turk and Carla talk about in the end of 707?


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No one!?!??!


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yeah, I want to know too!


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Yes, and now we're two. Come on spanish people! Educate us!!


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We no habla espagnol!

Donde está el baño?? Si! Dos Cervezas! Gracias! Amigos!

I've exhausted all of my Spanish now...please help :-)


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The spanish at the end:

    Turk- "I bet that in a couple of weeks, these two will be getting together again"
    Carla- "People aren’t gonna like that"

Or so i'm told.

Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone, and do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering



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pretty omenous...

I can't decide if it'd be more irritating if the show ended with JD realizing he's gay or if it ends with him and Elliot getting together again in a sappy way...

...mostly I think that there's just no good way that the show can come to an end...


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Thanks Jarvo!

And rob, i think that I finally actually agree with you... but than again, I wouldn't cry if Elliot and JD hooked up, just as long as they don't end up together... But as you said, this show can not end in a good way, so I guess that they have to not end it smile


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...well, I think it is due to end, even if it can't end well. The show has really lost steam over the last few seasons...not nearly as funny anymore...though 7x07 was pretty decent.....

It's like when you feel like you're gonna vomit...you really don't want to vomit, but when you finally do, you feel a lot better.
That's how it is with the end of Scrubs approaching...I don't want it to come, but it has to happen in order for the universe to be right...


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I love your analogy Rob! tongue


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Thanks Jarvo.. big_smile

but i hope it never ends... just keep it running like "as the world turns"   they started in 1956... big_smile