Topic: Wil Wheaton on Numb3rs

I don't watch Numb3rs, but as an old Star Trek fan I've come to know that Wil Wheaton is going to guest star in an episode of Numb3rs. Just in case some Numb3rs fan who's also a Trekkie is interested in that piece of information smile

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Re: Wil Wheaton on Numb3rs

Tnx for that piece of information smile

I totally like the concept of NUMB3RS. Good guest stars are always welcome wink



Re: Wil Wheaton on Numb3rs

Numb3rs got to be great show and totally differant then other cop shows , yeah and thx for that info mccutcheon  even tho i wasnt a fan of Star Trek lol, but its good to know smile

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