Topic: Season 4?

Do we have any news on when it's gonna start?  I don't care if it's Canadian or US airdates, juts want the one that airs first.

Pretty please?

Re: Season 4?

Have you added it to your watchlist? The dates are there already! big_smile
But I'd recommend checking Gate World for information about Canadian broadcasts, as this site uses for broadcasting information which is usually from the US.
It's the 28th of September by the way smile


Re: Season 4?

True - although this might change a little as some minor schedule changes are done usually during the summer break.

According to stargate news the new season episodes are:

   4xx - Adrift
   4xx - Lifeline
   4xx - Reunion
   4xx - Doppelganger
   4xx - The Seer
   4xx - Travelers
   4xx - Missing
   4xx - Tabula Rasa
   4xx - Miller's Crossing
   4xx - Spoils of War
   4xx - This Mortal Coil
   4xx - Be All My Sins Remembered
   4xx - Quarantine
   4xx - Midway
   4xx - The Kindred, Part 1
   4xx - The Kindred, Part 2

Episode order might be different.