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Season 2 is on Netflix...not Paramount +


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Thanks, updated!

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Just finished season two annnnnd THAT. WAS. FANTASTIC!



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TheFizza wrote:

Just finished season two annnnnd THAT. WAS. FANTASTIC!

I am glad it returned. Lets hope there is a season 3. Especially now that we know lower decks got the axe.

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I couldn't sit through Lower Decks, should I give Prodigy a go?

2020.  Meh.


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graybags wrote:

I couldn't sit through Lower Decks, should I give Prodigy a go?

Given that it was created by Nickelodeon, keep in mind it is geared to kids. Just as Lower Decks grew on me, I had to get used to Lower Decks.

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Up to Episode 11 in Season 2 by now.

Question: Anyone else seeing some visual Elements from the Matrix in there?


- The Cosmic Scavengers look exactly like the Sentinels
- The Buggy in Episode 11, when he changes from tires to hover machine - looks very similar to the ships in Matrix.

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Watched Episode 14 just now, this one is not good - almost the same thing already happened on the Voyager once, Episode 10 of Season 7 "Shattered", but they did it right back then.


The problem I am having is, that in Shattered, the ship was stuck in place which is a reasonable explanation why they can basically walk from one reality to another and everything that happened in every reality can be experienced there. Same time & space.

But here, the reason there are different realities on the ship happened way earlier - so it's basically impossible for the ship to have ended up in the same spot in every realitiy we see. This is imho a major plot hole.

I haven't seen everyhing Star Trek, but to my knowledge switching through space like that hasn't happened before.


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Finished season 2, after reflecting on it, I think the timeline is way too convenient and complicated at the same time.

Season 1 was pretty simple, good enough for kids to watch it and also OK-ish for adult Star Trek fans.
I don't think many kids can follow the timeline of Season 2?

I enjoyed it nevertheless, but only for the sidestorys - I could've done without the main story tbh.


So the first wormhole, made through the protostar with Chakotay on it, was accidentally sent into the future, to Solum.
After escaping, they sent the ship back through the same wormhole which brought it to Tars Lamora in the past.
In the present Dal and his friends find the protostar and their travel begins until they blow up the protostar.

- so far so good. As they desribe in EP19 the wormholes are random, and can sent you anywhere.

But then we start of Season 2 with a plan to rescue Chakotay from the future by using the wormhole created by the destruction of the protostar.
If the wormholes are random, how can they know the wormhole will send them to the exact time & space where Chakotay is?
And then it actually does work, even though the Infinity's flight is by accident....

- here it gets too convenient for me.

Then they use temporal energy from the wormhole to make them jump in time, not in space, back into the past where Gwyn is.
OK, thats acceptable. Still a bit too easy to McGyver a Time Machine but this season already established that those kids are somehow smarter than any Starfleet personal ever.

- somehow to travel in time get's easier by the episode here.

So now they find Chakotay, and he landed 10 years before the present. Just the exact amount of time to not make him too old for the story to move forward. Very convenient.
Guess they didn't wanna have them to time travel again.

Wesley Crusher confronting Ascencia - that scene is the metaphorical definition of convenient. And of course it's part of the big plan...how is that the best plan possible? - there must have been better options than to give the "enemy" temporal technology.
If he had the knowledge to build all that's necessary to get the Protostar back to it's original destination, why not give it to Janeway?

To take it up a notch, Wesley Crusher could've intervened in the very beginning, preventing that mess alltogether. He could've showed up on Solum and prevent Chakotay from getting the gun and the story would be over.
Imho him being in the story makes it both too convenient and too complicated at the same time.

So they sent the Protostar back through the new wormhole and it has to be exactly as it was before. But how do they arrange for the ship to crash land in the exact same spot?  That is very important, otherwise the Diviner could find the ship or Dal could not.

It's interesting how the destabilization of the timeline takes a long time, but it's fixed immediately smile - very convenient

Solum somehow trusts the Federation now, despite all that's happened - curious what must've happened during the initial First Contact that made them have a Civil War. Must have been even worse.

So the Protostar has caused so much trouble. After all, it has the small issue of traveling through time by accident. The Federation wants do decomission it - sounds like a good idea. But Janeway thinks it's a good idea to continue using the ship?

What's more the official crew consists only of seven people + hologram Janeway??? - in Season 1 it was unavoidable for the crew to be so small, but now it just doesn't make sense. Especially if all classes in the academy have been discontinued - there are dozens if not hundreds of cadetts available.

Did I miss something that makes all of that work?