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Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Returns Jun 4, 2024

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a show that is good for laugh. I think they are making it all up. I watched an episode on Blaze freeview TV  and they were so earnest over nothing! Atleast with "Ancient Aliens" we some times get to hear about myths and see ancient sites. This show just portays scrubland

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Andrew Bustamante is like a millenial Fox Mulder.  Some youtuber should do a re-edit with the X-Files theme inserted when they get amazed over nothing.  wink

@merc, If they actually found what was causing all the cattle mutilations it would be interesting, but viewers all know this show is just an excuse for boys to play with their really cool toys. "Dude check out my new FLIR and lazer!"  Also, you notice how often they use the word "mesa" and how excited they get over pointless new "data", gotta love that data. lolz. wink

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