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Topic: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]



After attending a medical conference in Beijing and coming frighteningly close to dying in a car crash, Dr. Matthew Nolan arrives home and is immediately arrested at London's Heathrow Airport. Exhausted and confused, Nolan is accused of the murder of a woman who was in the car he crashed. Despite his protests that he was driving alone, Nolan is set to return to China to face charges.

DC Hana Li is the no-nonsense London officer charged with accompanying Nolan back to Beijing. Her resentment for this assignment, and of Nolan himself, is immediate. However, in flight, when a first death occurs, DC Li begins to suspect foul play. Further deaths confirm that Nolan is in danger, and after a call from MI5, Hana finds herself embroiled in an escalating conspiracy.

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Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

What is it?

Its a THRILLER, and its actually a good one!

How is it?

E01 is 2/3 rubbish!  (Made me really angry! Nearly stopped watching!)

Good thing i didnt stop, because E02-E05 are rather excellent and E06 is good big_smile
But keep in mind, in E01 it takes 30 rather annoying minutes for the show to really "begin"...

This got me hooked hard, i think it might get you too!
... its a recommendation big_smile

^^ but still dont know what the title is supposed to mean smile

What is it about?


As the summary says, Dr. Nolan is accused of manslaughter, and is very roughly "deported" back to china - to testify in court.

And here the thrill and action begins! Hard - on the PLANE!
Murder, accusation, conspiracy, full on detective work, MI5 & MI6
... and of course a big unknown, threats, doubts and a fast rising adrenaline level!

Why is E01 rubbish? And what else is "not" good?


For this show to work Dr. Nolan and others need to be back on the Plane to Beijing!! And Nolan must be prisoner!!
But this cannot ever be happening in real-live or with logic, so a script was devised to "fix" that.

Maybe a creative working "fix" could have been found, but this "fix" is badly flawed, they implemented a lot of screaming, aggression and a supposed legality and rightfulness to distract for the missing-logic-fact and to get all the necessary actors on the plane.

E01 why wrong? Hard Spoiler!


Dr. Nolan is greeted by Police-Officers in the transit area, after leaving the plane.
These officers then kidnap and torture him smile  WHAT?!

Yes... you read right, kidnap, torture and make him prisoner!
- they state something idiotic - an urban nonsense-legend, that if you are in an airport-transit-area you are outside of local jurisdiction yikes
Well thats just plain nonsense!
Yes he has not entered the UK, but UK-Law applies fully.
And yes there some countries, that have laws, that give certain people the status of not legally being in their country while "in-transit", but these are very special laws regarding very special circumstances.
But even in those countries and all others the "national law" still holds and is in effect!
Actually, as soon as you enter the national airspace of a country, this countries legislation holds and especially if you are landed and on ground.
- they do NOT arrest him
- they take him by force (without arrest and despite him saying "do not touch me") - which is mostly kidnapping
- they do NOT tell him what he is charged of and detain him forcefully without explanation
- they strip-search him without arrest, probable cause or any legal grounds
- they deny him legal council, medical care and sleep - well thats torture and hard violation of human rights
- and to "deport" a citizen? Pretty sure that a tough nut and involves lots of courts, deportation-orders, looots of diplomatic "paperwork" and:  A LOT OF TIME... *shrug*  nonsense!

The script-writers try hard to sell this as "standard legal procedure" and because its so hilarious, they do it by screaming in lengthy detail and with lots repetition, that this all "makes sense"!
Made me sick to watch it! Shame on you! Really! Bad boys & girls!

    Well the situation gets out of hand quickly, thrillingly - but some other "small" things dont add up


a certain DCI validates and exchanges facts, but misses a very obvious thing!


... she never checked a certain "marshal"? Nah! Never! My insides where screaming ... "HELLO!?!?" big_smile

a certain "mom" Director


...  is incapable to explain herself to the PM? Me = doubtful... smile

E06 & torture


...  a certain "victim" was said to have been tortured, but in E06 the scene shows something different?


Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

Just got to episode 4 and the story stopped making sense...


The big reveal of Tennant about project Blindside...if all that is true they would've done anything to prevent everyone of the doctors from getting back to Beijing.
At that point they knew that something must have gone wrong with the handoff with Shen Zhaou, so the logical asumption is that either one of the other co-workers from World Pacific Medicine has the package or that they were most definitely in danger.

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Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

... had also questioned some logic (beside E01), but keep going  -  new "infos" will unfold smile


There are some "smaller?" issues, but i would say the core logics are sound - only the solutions in E06 could have been a bit better...


Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

Finished it...well, it was a definite decline since episode 4 for me and hit low in episode 6.


The inner politics of MI5, MI6 and the decision of the PM at the end of EP05 are just laughable. If that's how a government operates during a crisis like that than we are all doomed.
The entire operation taking place in this tiny situation room with two screens, two analysts and a bunch of extras standing in the backround doing nothing whatsoever....

They were almost out of russian air space and still had enough fuel for a whole trip back? I don't know anything about fuel calculations for international air flights, but that seems a bit too much fuel on board.

Then they start off episode 6 with the whole explanation what actually happened in China...wtf? I thought this was supposed to be the big finale reveal, that the americans are behind it all... That spoiled it all for me.

The two assassin's on board of the plane are ex-special forces mercenaries and lost in close combat to a doctor and a cop? Yeah right...

Everything that happens then is just poor writing.
- CIA guy dropping the obvious clue that makes Delaney suspicious. -
Sending in CIA gal to drug them, who Nolan already saw in Beijing. Aren't they supposed to be the "mastermind" of the entire situation?
- CIA guy believing that Jess, a journalist, would destroy the SIM card with secret spy information on it...
- CIA guy following Doc Matt and DC Li into the garden of the Chinese embassy...as if he wouldn't know where he was (he is the Chief of Station in the US Embassy and has obviously his focus on China)

And apparently CIA guy did all that off the books...why? What was his reason for doing so?

Ending the episode with the report on the death of DC Li's mother... I am sorry but the story just didn't make me care enough to watch her father look at papers for 3 minutes.

I could accept all that as mediocre to poor story telling, but I can't accept Doc Matt's development.
The moment he went back on that plane he basically became a detective, superspy and whatnot. DC Li is basically just standing next to him the whole time and let him figure out everything.

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Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

^^ i mostly agree, but still think the E01 holds the worst spript-screw-ups  and many issues that you describe could be "accepted", well more-or-less :-)

But, yes when starting to "explain" things and "getting the upper hand", it lost appeal and logic - but the THRILL was gripping me - only lost its tough in E06... well!

.. and still have no clue - what "Redeye" is supposed to mean big_smile


That the DCI did not validate the marshal is my main issue after E01, the script made her "trust" a guy the in that situation no DCI would ever trust!

Yeah, the "we overwhelmed the assassins" logic and we "kidnap" a plane and the whole Ministry+CIA setup, did not sit well with me - at all big_smile
... and the whole Rogue-CIA script well - obviously they know about "Enemy of the State" - which was good but also rather "thin" and "stretched" -  this shows script is sadly extremely over stretched and therefore ... "extreme thin" big_smile

Another one might be the medical negligence, a Doctor can keep someone "alive" for -in extreme- hours via CPR, our Doc quit after moments... thats nonsense (but sadly fairly common nonsense)
And that the Captain would not land after a 2nd AND 3rd death - well! *blink* *blink*

I really squinted when the "1/2-way to Beijing-return"-fuel-issue came to pass - that sounded insane - not only the logic of the captain - any flight would have landed .
I traveled in Asia and its BIG - so i had a look, what route exist Longon-Beijing nonstop, and yes one such route leave Russian airspace about half-way to Beijing:


Routes that go over Scandinavia and then Russia would not work because they enter Mongolian airspace at 75-85% of the flight...
And sadly the Captain announces in E01 at 00:31 - that:
"... our route will take us over Finland, Russia and Mongolia"
--> So they ARE still over Russia when turn around! / need to turn around / can still turn around!


it gets worse, at E05 00:36 London get the info: "They turned back 12 miles from China-Mongolian border"...
Ant the flightpath shown in this scene, is identical to the upper most route here:

... which makes a turn-around to London absolutely ... impossible...

... really wonder why even it would take any additional effort,  "they" (the writing & directing team) always think its better to screw up a script this way - instead of doing it right *sigh*

.. still a good THRILL though wink


Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

I found it middling throughout but fine at 6 eps. Kind of loses a bit of the thriller aspect when most of the characters aren't particularly likeable.


Re: Red Eye (2024) [ITV UK - THRILLER!/Drama/Action]

For the benefit of Bananijoe "Red Eye" is usually in this context a term used for overnight travel, originating in USA I believe and originally referring to overnight rail journeys. Likely coined due to passengers arriving tired due to lack of any/enough sleep.